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About Us

Fueled by passion and dedication, MAGICINK.PH (Cazxandra Enterprises) was founded in 2014 by Mr. Jong Gray & Mr. Relie Verana. From an overnight talk, about business, we decided to create a sideline business like a printing company to offer corporate and promo items in the Philippines. We are able to find cottage manufacturers or suppliers to make the orders for while we are on our job. We took the risk and said yes to our first corporate client and the rest was history. The business was in-demand and a hit. 

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Company Milestones

2015 to 2016
They decided to quit their job and focus on their business and opened their own physical shop. They bought printers, machines, and rented commercial space. From a two-man operation, we have decided to hire more employees to entertain more clients. We have now grown to more than 15 to 20 employees and counting.

2017 to 2018
The company decided to take their business to the next level and so they decided to collaborate with garments and manufacturers to acquire more corporate clients and companies.

2019 to 2020
The team worked hard every day to make sure they satisfy their client's needs. They continued to explore the printing world to make sure they innovate and give the best customer satisfaction.

Today, MAGICINK.PH (Cazxandra Enterprises) is one of the top suppliers of affordable corporate giveaways, souvenirs, and promotional branding in the Philippines.

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